Frydun Mehrzad


Frydun Mehrzad is a multi-talented 3D animation artist and designer in Toronto serving those who seek perfection and high standards in 3D animation, Channel / Network Branding, Motion Graphics and Art Direction. With foundation in arts, several years of hands on experience in design principles and computer graphics, completion of digital animation and visual arts programs at the Centre for Creative Communications in Centennial College, he is one of the well experienced and talented artist you will ever find to work with. Since 2002 he has been working with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation as senior designer / 3D Animator. He has worked on a vast array of high-profile projects that proved successful and won many awards such as BDA awards and Gold World Medal awards at the New York Festival. His passion for creativity, innovation and forward thinking is the driving force behind his success and achievements. He is a great team player and team leader. Frydun Mehrzad’s client-focused approach is the secret behind establishing long-term commitment.

Frydun Mehrzad’s strengths are in the following fields: • Art Direction • Concept Development and Design • 3D Animation • 3D Modeling • Visual Effects • Compositing & Editing • Motion Graphics.



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